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※ Insisting on Professional Job Ethics
This concept reflects the moral of the company, which is the basic and most important
regulation that everyone should follow.

※ Focusing on Long Term Strategy and Pursuing Sustainable Management
We deeply understand that the sustainable management of an enterprise is just like the marathon, which requires the co-ordination of speed, endurance and strategy, not a short dash in 50-meter or 100-meter race.
Customers Are Our Business Partners.
Customers are considered as our business partners instead of competitors from the very beginning, which is the key to our success achieved and our growth in the future.
Customer’s competitiveness is our competitiveness, and customer’s success is our success. We are ready to give help to our customers at any time.

※ Quality is the Vital Point of Our Products and Services
Quality means Customer’s satisfaction in essence. Everyone inside or outside our company is considered “a customer of us”.
Each member of Zhongyuan is responsible for carrying out the principle of “Quality is the Vital Point of our Products and Services”. We act according to job requirements. With the attitude of keep improving to excellency, we not only complete each task by our best, but more importantly, to review from time to time and search for even more efficient way to achieve and maintain “100% customer’s satisfaction”.

※ Encouraging Innovation in All Aspects to Ensure A High Degree of Vitality in the Company
Innovation is our lifeblood. If we stop being innovative, we will soon face decline and failure. Innovation not only pursued in manufacturing technology, but also in the company strategy, marketing, management and other areas. Naturally, building up and accumulating our intellectual property rights actively is also indispensable.
Moreover, we should keep ourselves fresh and energetic, dealing with every case in a positive and high-efficient attitude, so as to react to the fast-changing of the industry.

※ Creating a Challenging and Enjoyable Working Environment
it is deeply believed that a working environment which is challenging, inspiring for continuous learning, and enjoyable is more important than money rewards. We are trying our best to cultivate and maintain such an environment, so as to attract and retain the talents who are of the same interests and goal with our company.

※ Establishing an Open Management System
We should create an easily communicated environment to establish an open management system. “Open” means we should cooperate with each other with honesty, frankness, and sincerity. Each member would like to accept any opinions, and to improve himself. Further more, we collect suggestion in all aspects and make use of each advantage. After making the final decision, we should devote ourselves to reach the company goal.

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We manage our business by adhering to the following concepts in order to reach a mutual-benefit relationship with our customers and material suppliers.