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※ Provision of High Quality and Safe Products and Services

We aim to provide useful and safe products and services that will satisfy customers
in all aspects including quality and cost.

※ Development of New and Original Businesses and Products

We aim to develop new, original, and profitable businesses and products by using our unsurpassed innovation to meet customers' demands.

※ Growth and Development of the Greentek Group and the Global Business Activities

We strive for the consistent growth of the Group by conducting our businesses around the world and taking full advantage of the Group's dynamic business operations.

※ Global Environmental Protection

We contribute to the sustainable development of our society, and protect the environment by taking voluntary and active measures to protect the global environment.

※ Comply with Laws and Regulations

We strictly operate our business by conforming to the national and international laws and regulations and always act fairly and openly.

※ Equal and Fair Business Activities

We do business on a fair, transparent, and free competition basis.

※ Initiative Action as a Member of the Society

As a member of the society, we adopt initiative actions and contribute to developing a better society, and firmly fight against any person or organization who is harmful to the order and safety of the society.

※ Harmonious with the International Community

As a corporate member of the international community, we respect the culture and custom of every country or region of the world, and contribute to the development of the world’s economy and social development.
Nurturing Enjoyable Working Environment and Cultivating Talents
We nurture a healthy and energetic working environment by respecting human rights of individuals and placing first importance to safety.

We respect the personality and individuality of our employees, and help them in forming useful experiences so as to enable self-realization, and discover and develop their ability.

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In order to implement the Zhongyuan Business Spirit and Management Principles, the Act of Behaviour is the behaviour standard and regulation which should be complied with by the board of director and all staff in the company: