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Quality is the blood of our company. We have kept ensuring and improving our product quality. From 2001 on, we have got ISO9001:2000 quality control system certification by SGS and have been carrying out the system ever since to help controlling and improving product quality. Our purchase department selected excellent suppliers, so that we can get the raw materials with higher price/quality ratio and more stable functions. Quality Control department make use of the RoHs inspection machine, Hi-Pot testing equipment, adapter testing equipment, and other advance equipments to check the raw materials, in addition to the strict quality control process. In order to perfect the antenna structures, thus ensuring the best function of every models, our R&D department are introducing more professional inspection equipments (for example, Network analyzer, Sweeper, Field Intensity Meter, Vector Network Analyzer, Digital Storage Oscill Oscope, Vibration tester, X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer …… etc). Sales people not only devote to the discussions with customers, but also follow up the production process and the delivery situation. We aim to satisfy our customers in every transaction.

The goal of Quality Assurance is to carry out the concept of Quality First, Customer First, and the Company Policies. We must guarantee the follow aspects:

※ Designing process
Quality Assurance means that every related aspect should be tested, such as the function, software, hardware, and environment, ensuring the quality and reliability are comply with the internationally standard, to achieve the goal of Quality First.

※ Producing process
Quality Assurance owns a completed supervision system which can control the manufacturing process under a normal environment, and keep improving to ensure the effectiveness.

※ After Sales Service
With the concept of Customer First, we master what is the exact need of our customers, dealing with each problem timely and positively, so as to achieve the goal of Customer First.