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Sharing the great achievements in economy and enhance Chinese people’s quality of life
During the passed 20 years, Zhongyuan witnessed the earthshaking and thorough changes in China. Chinese lives a more and more comfortable life. With the reform and opening up in China, Mr Zhang Chengjian lead Zhongyuan grow stronger step by step. Each member in Zhongyuan contributed to their job and rememberd his responsibility to improve Chinese people’s quality of life, at the same time when he is benefit from the economic achievement.

With this conviction, Mr. Zhang Weiqiang, the General Manager of Zhong Yuan, devotes himself to develop new operation ideas, exploits new way to enhance Zhongyuan’s production capability. The modernized new factory covering 30,000 square meters which is under construction now can have 3000 staff working together. In addition to antennas, Zhongyuan also owns the earliest Hair Wig and Accessories factory and a housewares factory in China. Our dream is realizing step by step along with the expansion of Zhongyuan.